Professional decorations made easy

Twinkly comprises of smart addressable multicolor LEDs connected via mobile App, creating a professional light decoration solution with utmost simplicity without software or hardware barriers.

Twinkly PLUS

Made for smaller installations, Twinkly Plus offers a complete solution for residential and small business installations.

Twinkly PRO

Take advantage of the most robust hardware to create large-scale installations, whether these are building facades or entire cities.

Unparalled ease-of-use

Setup your light system without any professional tools or expensive systems. The most amazing decorations are now at hand. You will never imagine how easy it is!

Install Twinkly

Without caring for any specific positioning of bulbs; close your eyes and put them over

Map Lights

Get your layout just using smartphone camera and Twinkly mobile App

Play Effects

Apply amazing effects from gallery or create your own just using the mobile App and few gestures

The Twinkly System

Amazing installations, without additional tools

Twinkly Pro

Twinkly cuttin' edge technology in a robust and reliable hardware.

Twinkly App

One application to setup all your lights and play advanced effects.

Twinkly Console

Web App console to completely manage all installations remotely .

Key features

Automated light mapping

2D / 3D phone camera LED mapping

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Ethernet

Multiple connectivity options to suit your needs

Upload effects

Choose, edit, create effects, and Pro effect import tool


Sync and join multiple devices into one single setup

Addressable LEDs

Multiple strings, bulbs and LED colour options

Cloud Management

Web App to remotely control all installations

You create, Twinkly App will do the rest

Available for iOS devices, Twinkly App is a complete dashboard to manage and control your decorations of up to 100.000 LEDs.

Control lights from anywhere

The Cloud Console is key to control all your installations from any connected device.

Diverse range of lights

We have a collection of lights which is very versatile in types of
bulbs and colour ranges. You are sure to find what you are
looking for, or something even better.



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