The Twinkly Experience

no limits

Twinkly is talking Homey

Now, you can take your decorations even further with the Twinkly App for Homey. Homey allows you to connect your Twinkly lights with other smart home devices from hundreds of supported brands.
What you achieve by doing so is smooth home automation, connecting Twinkly lights with your sound system, security alarm,
or simply just the time of day.

twinkly x homey

How it works

Upgrade your Smart Home Christmas decorations with Twinkly and Homey. Control your lights remotely, add them to your Flows for ultimate automation, synchronise with your music, or just set a range of different animations.

homey + twinkly

Homey Flows with Twinkly

Use Homey's innovative Flows to create your unique Twinkly interactions.

Homey flow

Design your Twinkly Flow

With Homey and its almost endless possibilities, you can create in-depth automation flows and seamlessly integrate any product from the Twinkly family in your smart home system.